Insert Table


The HTML editor is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite and Stylus Studio XML Professional Suite.

Use the Insert Table dialog box to insert a table in the HTML editor.

To display the Insert Table dialog box, click the WYSIWYG tab in the XSLT editor, and then click Insert Table .



Number of rows you want in the table.


Number of columns you want in the table.


Whether you want the table aligned with the Web page's left margin, center, or right margin.

Border size

Width of the border around the table in pixels.

Cell padding

Width of the whitespace inside the cell in pixels.

Cell spacing

Width of the space between cells in pixels.

Specify width

If Specify width is selected, Stylus Studio inserts a table that is the width you specify. If Specify width is not selected, Stylus Studio inserts a table that initially has no width and that widens to fit the data you enter.

Select In pixels or In percent to specify a width for the entire table. The percent is a percentage of the width of the HTML page.

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