Generate Java Binding Class

You use the Generate Java Binding Class dialog box to specify the settings Stylus Studio uses to generate JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding) application class files from an XML Schema.


Target directory

The directory to which the JAXB application class files will be written. You can use an existing directory or create a new one at the time you generate. By default, Stylus Studio uses the directory in which the source XML Schema file is located.

Package name

The name of the Java package Stylus Studio creates. The default is the name of the XML Schema file.

Class name

The name you want to use for the JAXB application class. The default is Main.

Add generated classes to the current project

Whether or not you want to add the JAXB application class files to the current project. If you do, Stylus Studio uses the package name for the project folder name.

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