File Explorer

You use the File Explorer window to perform basic operations on the files in your Stylus Studio applications and projects, such as opening a file in Stylus Studio, deleting a file from a file system, renaming a file, and so on. Rather than selecting File > Open to open an XML document, for example, you can simply select the document from the File Explorer window and double-click it or drag it into the Stylus Studio desktop.

You can also perform transformations on a file by dragging it and dropping it on another file in the File Explorer window - you can convert a text file to an XML document by dragging the text file to an adapter ( .conv file), for example. In the same way, you can process an XML document by dragging and dropping it on an XQuery or XSLT stylesheet.



The File Explorer is a docking window, which means you can drag and drop it anywhere in Stylus Studio or on your desktop.

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