DTD Schema Editor Text Tab

To display the DTD schema editor in Stylus Studio, select File > New > DTD Schema from the Stylus Studio menu bar.

Alternative: In Stylus Studio, open a file with .dtd as the file name extension. Stylus Studio automatically opens the file in the DTD schema editor.

Use the Text tab of the DTD editor to enter the text for a DTD schema. You must know DTD syntax and keywords.


Indent XML Tags indents the XML. This action cannot be undone.

Check well-formed checks whether the DTD consists of well-formed XML.

Validate Document validates the DTD using the XML parser you select.

IE Preview displays the document in the Internet Explorer Web browser.

Change Font changes the font of the text display in Stylus Studio. This change affects only the Stylus Studio display. Beyond personal preference, this is useful for localization. The fonts that are available are the fonts that can display the characters in your XML file.

Open Schema allows you to open an external DTD, if the DTD has one. This feature is not yet supported.

Indent and Validate are not active when you are viewing the text for a DTD.

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