Create User-Defined Catalog

You use the User-Defined Catalog Wizard to

  • Create your own catalog based on other catalogs and, optionally, add that catalog to the current project
  • Add other catalogs to the list of available catalogs


Choose catalogs

A list of publicly available catalogs. This list is dynamic - as new catalogs become available, they are displayed by the User Defined Catalog Wizard.


The description of the catalog in the Choose catalogs list box that currently has focus.

Add to current project

Check this box if you want to add the user-defined catalog you are creating to the current Stylus Studio project.

Save catalog to

Specifies the name and location of the user-defined catalog you are creating and adding to the current project. You use this field only if you are adding the user-defined catalog to the current project.


Add catalog to list

Click this button if you want to add another catalog to catalogs displayed in the Choose catalogs list.

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