Connection Settings

You use the Connection Settings dialog box to specify database connectivity settings when adding a relational database server to Stylus Studio through the File Explorer. The settings on this dialog box appear elsewhere in Stylus Studio.


Database Type

The type of database to which you want to connect. You can connect to one of the default relational databases supported by Stylus Studio (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Informix, and so on), or you can use DataDirect SequeLink to connect to any ODBC database you specify.

See Choosing a Database for more information about this field.

Server URL

The server's network location and other inforamation including the server name, the port through which the connection is established, and other information, such as a server ID (SID). Stylus Studio displays default information for this field when you select a database type.

See Using the Server URL Field for more information about this field.


The username required to log in to the database.


The password associated with the username.

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Specifying Connection Settings

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