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XQuery support is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite and Stylus Studio XML Professional Suite. XML Publisher is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite.

You use the Choose Root Element dialog box to specify the element you want to use as the root element when using an XML Schema or a DTD as a data source (in the XQuery Mapper and XML Publisher) or as a target document structure (in the XQuery Mapper).


Choose Root Element

This field displays a list of elements in the DTD or XML Schema. Click the drop-down list, and then click the element that you want to specify as the root element.

Associate With

This field appears only when you add a second DTD or XML Schema to the XQuery Mapper source. You use it to specify the XML instance that you want to associate with the DTD or XML Schema.

This field does not appear if the DTD or XML Schema is the first source document you add to the XQuery Mapper - Stylus Studio uses the XML Source document specified in the Scenario Properties dialog box as the XML instance in this case.

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