The XSLT editor WYSIWYG tab is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite and Stylus Studio XML Professional Suite.

The WYSIWYG tab is available in the XSLT editor. Use this tab when the stylesheet you are developing generates HTML. The WYSIWYG tab provides an HTML editor that allows you to drag and drop elements from the source XML document onto the HTML canvas.

To display the XSLT editor, open an XSLT stylesheet, or select File > New > XSLT Stylesheet from the Stylus Studio menu bar. At the bottom of the XSLT editor window, click the Params/Other tab.


HTML Element

Drop-down list of the HTML tags you can apply to text in the HTML canvas.

Font Family

Drop-down list of the fonts you can apply to selected text.

Font Size

Drop-down list of font sizes you can apply to selected text.


Preview XSLT Result applies the stylesheet in the context of the current scenario.

Display Preview Window toggles the display of the XSLT Preview window.

2D Position locks the selected image in place or allows it to move according to the surrounding contents. When Lock In Place is selected, select Allow Repositioning to change the position at which the image is locked.

Bold makes the selected text bold.

Italics puts the selected text in italics.

Underlines the selected text.

Text Color allows you to specify the color for the selected text.

Background Color allows you to specify the color for the background of the selected text.

Numbered List numbers the selected lines of text.

Bullet List changes the selected lines of text to bulleted items.

Outdent shifts the selected components to the left.

Indent shifts the selected components to the right.

Align Left makes the selected components left justified.

Center aligns the selected components in the center.

Align Right makes the selected components right justified.

Table Operations inserts a table.

Form Operations inserts a form, button, check box, text box, radio button, text area, or combo box.

Insert Image inserts an image.

Insert Hyperlink inserts a hyperlink.

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