XML Schema Editor Documentation Tab


The XML Schema editor Documentation tab is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite and Stylus Studio XML Professional Suite.

The Documentation tab displays an HTML report that describes the currently active XML Schema. Stylus Studio generates this report based on the contents of your XML Schema though features are provided that allow you to modify the report's content. You can view the report online, save the report, and print it.


Save Documentation allows you to save the report in a file. By default, the report is saved with a .html extension, but you can change the default in the Options dialog box. (You can also change the extension at the time you save the report in the Save As dialog box.) See Options - Module Settings - XML Schema Editor - Documentation for more information.

Options displays a dialog box that allows you to set properties that determine some of the contents and behavior of the HTML file. See Options - Module Settings - XML Schema Editor - Documentation for more information.

As you click links in the report, Stylus Studio maintains a history of the links you follow. Back returns the focus to the previously followed link.

Forward returns the focus to the link you followed from this link.

Stop allows you to halt Stylus Studio processing of the generated HTML report.

Report Contents

The report contains

  • A title, which you can customize (the default title is XML Schema Documentation).
  • A table of contents with hypertext links to sections in the report.
  • Information about the XML Schema document properties, such as its target namespace and any declared namespaces.
  • Global declarations and global definitions, if any.
  • A legend that describes the graphical conventions used to display the XML Schema document in the report.
  • A glossary that defines terminology used in the report.



You can hide the legend and the glossary for display and printing purposes by clicking the Printer-friendly Version check box at the top of the report.

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