XML Editor Text Tab

To display the XML editor, open an XML document, or select File > New > XML Document from the Stylus Studio menu bar.

Use the Text tab of the XML editor to enter new XML data or update existing data. The usual editing tools are available to you. Right-click to display the editing shortcut menu.

Whenever Stylus Studio has enough information, it displays a shortcut menu of choices for data you can input at that point. Double-click a value to enter it automatically. For example, if you type an element end tag, Stylus Studio automatically displays the appropriate element name.


Indent XML Tags inserts tabs throughout the XML document if the document is well-formed XML. If it is not well formed, clicking this button does nothing.

Validate Document validates your XML document against its DTD.

Change Font changes the font of the text display in Stylus Studio. This change affects only the Stylus Studio display. Beyond personal preference, this is useful for localization. The fonts that are available are the fonts that can display the characters in your XML file.

Open Schema opens the schema, if there is one, for the XML document.

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