Web Service Call Composer


Web services support is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite.

You use the Web service call composer to select an operation exposed by a Web service. You can test the Web service you select and save the Web service call composed by Stylus Studio for use in an XML application.



The URL of the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) made available by a given Web service. You can type a URL, use the Browse button, or use the UDDI... button to search the Universal Discovery, Description, and Integration (UDDI) registries.


The operations exposed by the WSDL identified in the WSDL URL field. When you select an operation, the parameter names and types and the SOAP request associated with that operation are displayed in the right side of the Web service call composer.


The SOAP request parameter name.


The SOAP request parameter type.


The SOAP request parameter value. You can enter a value in this field, or directly in the SOAP request XML.

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