Stylus Studio

Use Stylus Studio to develop an XML application. To create a new

  • XML adapter, select File > New > Convert to XML
  • Relational data source, select File > New > DB-to-XML Data Source.
  • XML document, select File > New > XML Document. To open an XML document, select File > Open and navigate to the document you want to open.
  • XQuery, select File > New > XQuery File.
  • XSLT stylesheet, select File > New > XSLT Stylesheet.
  • Web Service call, select File > New > Web Service Call.


Support for relational databases and XQuery is available only in Stylus Studio XML Professional Suite. Support for Web services and Convert to XML is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite.

To debug an XSLT stylesheet or Java file, open the file you want to debug.

If you want, you can create a project to help you organize the files in your application. In the Project window, right-click to display the project management shortcut menu.

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