Shortcut Keys

To specify keyboard shortcuts, select Tools > Keyboard from the Stylus Studio menu bar. The Shortcut Keys dialog box allows you to specify a keyboard shortcut for a Stylus Studio task.


Select a macro:

Displays a list of over 100 actions you might perform while using Stylus Studio. Some are menu selections and others are item and button selections. For example:

File > Project > Add Document to Project

XML : Tree Editing : Add Attribute

Click the macro for which you want to specify a keyboard shortcut.


Displays a description of the selected macro.

Assigned shortcuts

Displays the keyboard shortcut, if any, defined for the selected macro.


Create Shortcut

Click a macro and then click Create Shortcut to define the keyboard shortcut. The Assign Shortcut dialog box appears. See Assign Shortcut.


To delete a shortcut, click the macro for which the shortcut is defined. In the Assigned shortcuts field, click the shortcut you want to delete. Click Remove.

Reset All

Deletes all shortcuts.

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