Setting a Classpath

You use the Custom XML Converter - Classpath dialog box to select entries for the classpath you want Stylus Studio to use when locating the classes of the custom XML adapters you want to register with Stylus Studio.



Classpath entries added using the browse folders ( ) button.

To add a new classpath entry, . This displays the XML Converters - Classpath dialog box, from which you can browse for directories or jar files containing adapter classes.


The adapter classes found in the classpath specified in the Classpath field. Adapters are listed in alphabetical order.

Adding a Classpath Entry

To add a classpath entry:
1. Click the browse folders ( ) button on the Custom XML Converters - Classpath dialog box.

A new entry field appears in the Location list box. Two buttons appear to the right of the entry field.

2. To search for jar files, click the browse jar files button ( ).

Stylus Studio displays the Browse for Jar Files dialog box.

Figure 515. Browse for Jar Files Dialog Box

To search for folders, click the broswe folders button ( ).

Stylus Studio displays the Browse for Files dialog box.

Figure 516. Browse for Folder Dialog Box

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