Scenario Properties Parameter Values Tab (XSLT)

By default, Stylus Studio displays the Scenario Properties dialog box when you create a new stylesheet using File > New > XSLT Stylesheet. You can display the Scenario Properties dialog box from the XSLT editor XSLT Source tab or Mapper tab. Click Browse next to the down arrow in the scenario name field.

Click the Parameter Values tab to specify or view information about the stylesheet's parameters.


Existing Scenarios

Lists the scenarios that are defined for the current stylesheet. To view the parameters for a scenario, click the name of the scenario. Stylus Studio displays the parameters in the Parameter Values tab.


Parameter name.

Parameter default value

Default value of the parameter.

Parameter value to be used when processing

Value of the parameter when you apply the stylesheet in this scenario.

Parameter value is an XPath expression (not a string)

Check box that indicates whether the parameter value is an XPath expression or a string. The default, which is unchecked, is that the parameter is a string.

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