Proxy Settings


Support for Web services is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite.

You use the Proxy Settings page of the Options dialog box to specify the proxy server settings you want your Web service calls to use. Proxy server settings defined here are used by each new Web service call you create, but they can be overridden.



If you want to use your PC's default Internet Explorer proxy server settings, click the Auto-detect button.



The server name or IP address. If you need to specify a port, separate the port number from the address with a colon -, for example.


The user name associated with the proxy server.


The password associated with the user.

Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with

The domain names for which you do not wish to use the proxy server settings (, for example). Separate multiple entries with semicolons.



Clicking this button populates the Proxy Settings page with the proxy settings defined for your PC ( Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > Local Area Network (LAN) Settings > Proxy Settings).

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