Using Convert to XML

Generally speaking, you use Convert to XML to create an adapter (also known as a converter), and then you use that adapter to convert one or more non-XML files to XML. The process of using Convert to XML involves the following steps:

1. Create the adapter:
a. Select File > New > Convert to XML from the Stylus Studio menu to display the New Converter dialog box.
b. Select the file you want to convert to XML and open it in the Convert to XML Editor.
c. Review the default adapter configuration settings displayed in the Convert to XML Editor, and modify as required.
d. Run the adapter and review the conversion results displayed in the Preview window.
e. Save the adapter (and, optionally, the XML output for the input file selected in step b).
2. Use the adapter to open a new non-XML file of the same type as the file you used to define the adapter.

The Convert to XML adapter engine converts the new file to an XML document, displaying it in the Stylus Studio editor you specify when opening the file.

The steps in this process are described in greater detail in the following sections.

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