How to Create an Adapter

To create an adapter (.conv file):
1. Select File > New > Convert to XML from the Stylus Studio menu.

The New Converter dialog box appears.

Figure 193. New Converter Dialog Box

2. Click the browse button ( ) and select the file you want to use to configure the conversion settings.

The Open dialog box appears. By default, the Files of Type field filter is set to display .txt, .edi, .csv, .tab, .log, and .bin files.



The file you select should be representative of other files of this type that you wish to convert to XML.

3. Click the Open button.

Stylus Studio displays the file URL in the first field of the New Converter dialog box.

4. Optionally, change the default file encoding and layout settings.
5. Click OK.

Stylus Studio displays the file you selected in the Convert to XML Editor.

6. Examine the file and its properties as it was read into the Convert to XML Editor by Stylus Studio.
7. Modify the file layout, its regions, and its fields as needed. See Working with Regions and Working with Fields if you need help with this step.
8. Modify the properties that govern XML output as needed. See Controlling XML Output if you need help with this step.
9. Click the Preview Results button ( ).

Stylus Studio displays the Save As dialog box.

10. Enter a name for the adapter and click Save.
11. If the results are not what you expect, return to step 7 and to step 8. You might also considering revisiting the input file, making fundamental changes there, and reloading it.
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