Omitting Regions and Fields, and Rows

Stylus Studio allows you to omit specific regions and fields from an input file when it is converted to XML.

  • Omitting regions - The Omit from Output property lets you omit an entire region from XML output. (Regions with a Region Type of No-output are always omitted from XML output.)
  • Omitting fields - The Omit from Output property lets you omit a field from XML output. You can omit a field
    • Only when it is empty. This is the default.
    • When it is empty or evaluates to a zero value.
    • Always, regardless of its value
    • Never, regardless of its value
  • Comments - You can filter rows using the Comment String property - if the beginning of a row matches the string you enter for this property, Stylus Studio ignores the row when converting the input file to XML. You can also specify patterns that rows must match in order for them to be converted to XML. See Pattern Matching for more information.
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