Layout of the Grid Tab

The Grid tab consists of a tool bar and a display area. The tool bar has buttons to perform actions and operations on both the grid itself and on the underlying XML document represented in the grid. An example of the former is the ability to show the child elements of the document's root element; they are hidden by default. An example of the latter is the ability to add a new instance of an element or to change a value. These operations are also accessible from the XML > Grid Editing menu, as well as from the grid shortcut menu (right-click on the grid).

The tool bar also includes a query field, which allows you to enter an XPath expression to query the XML document. Results are displayed in the Query Output window, which appears when you run the query if it is not already displayed. See Querying XML Documents Using XPath for more information on this feature.

The display area shows the XML document, both its structure and content, rendered in a tabular, or grid format.

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