Moving Around in XML Documents

Stylus Studio provides several tools for easily moving around in an XML document.

Line Numbers

To go to a particular line, click Go to a specified location in the Stylus Studio tool bar. Stylus Studio displays the Go To dialog box. Type the number of the line you want to go to and click OK. The cursor moves to the line you specified.

Stylus Studio displays line numbers and column numbers in the lower right corner of the Stylus Studio window. If you want, you can set a Stylus Studio option that displays line numbers to the left of each line in the editor you are using.

To do this, from the Stylus Studio menu bar, select Tools > Options. In the Options page that appears, click Editor General. In the Editor field, select the editor in which you want to display line numbers. Select the Show Line Numbers check box.


To quickly focus on a particular line, insert a bookmark for that line. You can insert any number of bookmarks. You can insert bookmarks in any document that you can open in Stylus Studio.

To insert a bookmark, click in the line that you want to have a bookmark. Then click Toggle Bookmark in the Stylus Studio tool bar. Stylus Studio inserts a turquoise box with rounded corners to the left of the line that has the bookmark. To move from bookmark to bookmark, click Next Bookmark or Previous Bookmark . See Using Bookmarks.


To move to the closing tag for an element, click in the tag name for the element. In the Stylus Studio tool bar, click Go to Matching Tag . Stylus Studio moves the cursor to the closing tag for the element you clicked.


In any view of an XML document, and in the XSLT Source view of a stylesheet, you can click Find in the Stylus Studio tool bar. In the Find dialog box that appears, specify the string you want to search for and click Find Next. Stylus Studio highlights the first occurrence of the string you entered. In the Text view, you can specify that you want Stylus Studio to highlight all instances.

Depending on which view you are examining, Stylus Studio allows you to specify constraints on the search. The constraints you can specify include the following:

  • Match whole word only
  • Match case
  • Find a regular expression
  • Search inside only element tags, only element values, only attribute names, and/or only attribute values

To learn more about regular expression syntax, visit .

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