Description of Element Modifiers in DTDs

Table 59 describes the available modifiers:

Indicator in DTD
This element can appear once or not at all. (0 or 1)
Question mark ( ?)
Zero or more
This element is optional and repeatable. (0, 1, or more)
Asterisk ( *)
One or more
This element is required and repeatable. (1 or more)
Plus sign ( +)
Exactly one of the specified subelements must appear.
Vertical bar ( |)
If no other modifiers are defined on the Sequence modifier, each subelement in this element must appear exactly once. In other words, it is required. Also, the subelements must appear in the order in which they are specified in the referencing element. You can define other modifiers on the Sequence modifier. In this way, you can specify that some subelements are optional, some appear zero or more times, and some appear one or more times.
Comma ( ,)
Table 59. Element Modifiers

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