About Editing DTDs

Stylus Studio displays a DTD with two views. Click the Text tab or the Tree tab to display the view you want. The Tree tab displays a DOM-like tree that represents the DTD.

You can specify and edit the DTD in either view. However, the recommended method is to edit the DTD in the Tree view. The Tree view provides tools tailored for creating a DTD. The tool bar on the left provides a button for defining each node in a DTD. After you select a node in the tree, the DTD editor allows you to add only those nodes that are valid at that point.

Also, in the Tree view of the DTD, you can see the properties for each node. When you click the node whose properties you want to view, the properties appear in the Properties window. If the Properties window is not visible, select View > Properties from the menu bar.

After you add a node, you can make changes in the Properties window, the Tree tab, or the Text tab. Any changes you make in one place are immediately reflected in the other places.

See Defining Elements in DTDs.

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