About Node Properties in DTDs

Each node in a DTD is associated with one or more properties. Every node has a Type property. The properties associated with a node vary according to the value of the Type property. Stylus Studio supports the following values for the Type property of a node in a DTD:

  • Element
  • Attribute
  • DTD Modifier
  • Entity
  • Parameter Entity
  • Text
  • Comment

To determine the properties for a particular node in a DTD, click the node. Stylus Studio displays the properties in the Properties window. If the Properties window is not visible, select View > Properties from the Stylus Studio menu bar.

To change a property, double-click the property value in the Properties window. Enter the new value or, if a drop-down menu appears, double-click the value you want. Any changes you make in the Properties window are immediately reflected in the Tree and Text views. You cannot change the type property of a node.

The remainder of this section discusses the following topics:

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