Defining Elements in the DTD Tree Tab

In the DTD editor, if the Tree view is not visible, click the Tree tab at the bottom of the window.

To create an element in the Tree tab:
1. Click the DTD node at the top of the tree.
2. In the tool bar on the left, click New Element Definition . Stylus Studio displays a field for the new element at the end of the current contents of the DTD.
3. Type the name of the new element and press Enter. Stylus Studio displays the properties for the new element in the Properties window. If the Properties window is not visible, select View > Properties from the Stylus Studio menu bar. For example, suppose you specified title as the name of the new element. Your new element has the following properties:

Content Model
Table 60. Element Properties

4. To change the value of a property, double-click the current value. For information about the properties that each element can have, see About Node Properties in DTDs.

After you create an element, you must define the structure of the contents of the element. The rest of the topics in this section provide information on how to define structure.

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