Stylus Studio URL Schemes

In Java, files and other data resources are referenced using URL schemes. The Java URI resolver is capable of resolving file:, http:, ftp:, and a limited set of other URL schemes -, for example.

The Stylus Studio Java API extends the functionality of the basic Java URI resolver so that it recognizes and understands URL schemes developed by Stylus Studio. You can use any of the following URL schemes in your Java, XQuery, and XSLT code:

  • adapter: - Used to specify a Stylus Studio built-in adapter or user-defined converter. For example, adapter:myConverter.conv would invoke the user-defined myConverter.conv file, created with the Convert to XML module. adapter:EDI?file://m:\testing\editeur.edi would invoke Stylus Studio's built-in EDI adapter, using the file specified as the EDI source to be converted.

See Overview of Convert to XML for more information on built-in adapters and user-defined converters.

  • db: - Used to specify a Stylus Studio DB-to-XML data source ( .rdbxml). A DB-to-XML data source contains database connectivity information, as well as the identity of the database object you want converted to XML (expressed in SQL or SQL/XML). For example, db:m:\testing\myDataSource.rdbxml.

See Overview of DB-to-XML Data Sources for more information about DB-to-XML data sources.

  • dbxml: - Used to connect to Berkeley DB XML and access an XML file in the container you specify. For example, dbxml:///m:myNewContainer.dbxml/myData.xml.

See Using Stylus Studio with Berkeley DB XML for more information.-

  • ws: - Used to specify a Web service call composition ( .wscc), which invokes a Web service that returns XML. For example, ws:m:\testing\myWebServiceCall.wscc.

See Chapter 11Composing Web Service Calls for more information about working with Web services in Stylus Studio.

  • xquery: - Used to specify a relational data source defined in the Stylus Studio File Explorer window. (Relational data source defined this way use XQuery to obtain the data.) For example: xquery:///jdbc:xquery:sqlserver://myServer:1433;

See Creating a Database Connection from the File Explorer for more information.

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