Properties for Other Adapters

Each of the following adapters has the same properties. Names as they appear in adapter URLs are shown following the adapter's proper name.

  • E-mail Mbox (MBox)
  • Java .properties File (JavaProps)
  • Progress .d Data Dump (DotD)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Windows .ini File (WinIni)
  • Windows Write (WinWrite)

Property Name
Name in URL
Line separator
Used when converting a file to XML, and vice versa. The default is crlf. See Line Separator Values for a list of values.
Note: The Smith Corona Personal Word Processor adapter uses this value when converting to XML only.
The encoding for the input file when it is not XML; or the encoding for the output file when it is not XML. The default is
Table 159. Properties for Other Adapters

Notes on the MBox Adapter

The E-mail MBox (MBox) adapter can be used for mbox-to-XML conversion only. This adapter supports MIME attachments - any message attachments are properly decoded and rendered as XML. Specifically:

  • Text and plain attachments are embedded as text
  • Binary attachments are embedded as hex-encoded data
  • XML-encoded attachments are emitted as escaped text

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