Binary Adapter Properties

You can convert binary files that have been encoded as a sequence of digits in a base from 2 to 36, and vice versa. Use the Base-64 adapter for base-64 encoded binary files. See Base-64 Adapter Properties for more information.

Adapter Name in URL


Property Name
Name in URL
Line separator
Used when converting a binary encoded file to XML, and vice versa. The default is crlf. See Line Separator Values for a list of values.
The encoding for the input file when it is not XML; or the encoding for the output file when it is not XML. The default is
The numeric base of the encoded file. The default is 16 (hexadecimal). Base-2 is binary; base-8 is octal; and base-10 is decimal.
Wrap lines
Whether you want to wrap lines (wrap=yes) or output all values on a single line (wrap=no).
Byte separator
Whether or not byte values should be contiguous (no value) or separated with the value specified for this property. For example, if you set space=, the value 000FFF would be output as 00,0F,FF.
Table 156. Properties for Binary Base-2 to Base-36 Adapters

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