Setting Up the Deployment Environment

In order to deploy an application, you need to install the Stylus Studio XML Deployment Components in your deployment environment - this might be a Linux virtual machine you have installed on your desktop, or a completely separate machine. Steps required to set up the deployment environment include:

1. Install the Stylus Studio XML Deployment Components on the deployment machine.
2. Copy or move application files to that machine. These might include
    • Source files (EDI or CSV, for example)
    • The XQuery or XSLT application developed in Stylus Studio (the my.xquery or my.xsl, for example)
    • The Java code generated by Stylus Studio for that application (, for example)
3. Modify the deployment machine's classpath to include the location of the CustomFileSystem.jar file. (By default, this is written to the /bin directory where you installed the Stylus Studio XML Deployment Components.)
4. Edit the paths specified for the bindir, rootdir, and appdata parameters in the setProp() methods in the generated Java code to point to the appropriate location on the deployment machine.
5. Edit the paths specified in the m_scriptSource.setFile() and m_xmlSource.setFile() parameters to point to the XQuery or XSLT application and source file location on the deployment machine.
6. Compile the Java code.
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