Creating Containers with Stylus Studio

Typically, you use Stylus Studio to access files in existing Berkeley DB XML containers. If you want, you can use Stylus Studio to create new containers. Stylus Studio creates a new container whenever

  • You type a complete Berkeley DB XML URL in the URL field in the Save or Save As dialog box when saving a file from Stylus Studio. For example: dbxml:///C:/samples/myNewContainer.dbxml/newWork.xml
  • The output file name given to the command line utility StylusXslt.exe names a container that does not exist. See Using Stylus Studio from the Command Line for more information on this utility.

In order to create a new container:

  • The container name must end in .dbxml.
  • The container home must be in a known database environment, either as specified in the BerkeleyDBXML.xml configuration file, or DB_HOME

Node and Wholedoc Containers

Berkeley DB XML Version 2.0.7 and 2.0.9 support Node and Wholedoc containers. Berkeley DB XML Version 1.2.1 supports only Wholedoc containers. Containers created by Stylus Studio are always created as Wholedoc containers.

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