Naming Files

File-naming conventions vary between Berkeley DB XML V1.2 and V2.0.

Berkeley DB XML V1.2.1
Berkeley DB XML V2.0.7 and 2.0.9
File names are not required
File names are required
File names do not have to be unique; Berkeley DB XML does, however, assign a unique ID number to each file when it is first saved to the container.
File names must be unique
Table 143. Sleepycat Files Required for Stylus Studio Access

Stylus Studio creates a unique pseudo-name for each named file in a container. Files without a name (supported only in Berkeley DB XML Version 1.2.1) are invisible to Stylus Studio. The pseudo-name consists of the file's name, concatenated with a pound sign (#) and the file ID assigned by Berkeley DB XML.

Example - Berkeley DB XML V 1.2.1

Consider the following files in a container as seen by Berkeley DB XML V 1.2.1:

  • flotsam.xml
  • flotsam.xml
  • jetsam.xml
  • [a file without a name]

When you display this container in the Stylus Studio Open dialog box, only these files appear:

  • flotsam#1.xml
  • flotsam#2.xml
  • jetsam.xml

Note that only duplicate file names are assigned a numeric ID. The fourth, unnamed, file, is not visible to Stylus Studio.

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