Usage Tips

Following are some tips to help you work with Berkeley DB XML in Stylus Studio.

Before Starting Stylus Studio

Before you start Stylus Studio, you must

  • Set your PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables
  • Configure the BerkeleyDBXML.xml file. If any errors occur while accessing Berkeley DB XML - if a database pathname in the configuration file was incorrectly specified, for example - you must correct the problem and then restart Stylus Studio.



Once Stylus Studio has successfully read the BerkeleyDBXML.xml file, it will not read it again until you restart Stylus Studio.

Database Environment Recovery

Database environment recovery applications must have exclusive access to the database environment they are trying to restore. If you need to perform a database environment recovery, be sure to shut down Stylus Studio - and any other applications that might be using that database environment - prior to starting recovery procedures.

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