DataDirect XML Converters

DataDirect XML Converters are high-performance Java and .NET components that provide bi-directional programmatic access to virtually any data source (EDIFACT, X12, EANCOM, IATA), flat files, and other legacy formats, as XML. These powerful components can be embedded directly into your own programs, used as input or output to XQuery and XSLT applications, or used as to stream virtually any non-XML datasource into XML as part of a multi-stage XML processing pipelines — all of which can be easily developed and tested in Stylus Studio. Stylus Studio makes it easy to generate the Java code required to deploy your XML applications with the click of a button. Learn more about how support for DataDirect XML Converters in Stylus Studio can simplify XML data integration applications.

Please note: DataDirect XML Converters can be used within Stylus Studio for developing and testing; however, deploying this feature into applications requires separate runtime licenses. For more information about DataDirect XML Converters, please visit the DataDirect XML Converters product website.

Key Benefits of DataDirect XML Converters

Learn how unparallelled productivity, performance, and embeddability makes data integration applications easier than ever before.

Flash Video: Learn XML Converters in Five Minutes

See for yourself how to build and deploy an XML-based data integration application that accesses multiple legacy data sources using DataDirect XML Converters.

Flash Video: Using XML Converters for .NET

Learn how to build a C# application in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that uses DataDirect XML Converters to convert EDI to XML and XML to EDI and more.

Data Conversion APIs

Need to read data from one format and get it into another from within your Java or .NET program code? Data Conversion API's are scalable, easy to use, and work with hundreds of legacy file formats!

Converters API Documentation

See the actual API documentation so that you can use the DataDirect XML Converters in your own applications.

DataDirect XML Converters Unleashed

This is an overview of DataDirect's XML Converters runtime library.

Extending DataDirect XQuery to Access Legacy Data

Need to access legacy or other non-XML data formats and relational data from XQuery? XML Converters can extend DataDirect XQuery and other leading XML processing components to provide access to virtually any data source as XML, directly from your XQuery code.


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