Database-to-XML Mapping

Previous versions of Stylus Studio® featured database-to-XML mapping tools that allow you to query a relational database using SQL/XML or SQL and render the results as XML. As of Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 (May 2007), this functionality has been deprecated in favor of a new and more powerful relational-to-XML mapping tools based on industry-standard W3C XQuery technologies, for visually mapping relational and XML data as illustrated here:

Enlarge Database to XML Mapper Screenshot (click to enlarge)

XQuery is the official W3C XML Query language for querying XML along with any data source with an XML representation. It provides a powerful language constructs which somewhat resembles SQL and XPath, and is designed for using XML in the context of an SQL enabled relational database, thus providing the ability to create, insert, and update XML data directly. Support of XQuery-based relational to XML mapping technologies in Stylus Studio® provides a powerful, extensible, and cost-effective solution for accessing relational data as XML, a frequently encountered challenge in any advanced data integration application.

Database-to-XML Mapping with Any Database

Our Database-to-XML Mapper supports access all of the leading relational databases; support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB/2, Sybase and many others. Support for accessing any relational database via XQuery is accomplished through integrated support for DataDirect XQuery™, a Java-implementation of XQuery that can query XML, relational data as well as SOAP messages, EDI, legacy data formats, or a combination of data sources. DataDirect XQuery™ provides the fastest, most reliable, and most scalable XQuery support for all major relational databases, and it runs on any Java platform. DataDirect XQuery™ supports the XQuery for Java API (XQJ), and is easily embeddable in any Java program — it does not require any other product or application server, and it has no server of its own. DataDirect XQuery™ is recommended for applications that must manage XML, relational, and legacy data formats, including applications for data integration, Web services, Web publishing, and report generation.

Visual Database to XML Mapping

Stylus Studio® provides a visual Relational to XML mapping tool (illustrated below) for creating, editing, and testing the XQuery statements used to define any relational database tables and views as a customized XML data source. Once you've created a connection to a relational database, you first browse the database contents using our file explorer which includes support for browsing Database objects such as tables and views. Our XQuery Mapper automatically generates the XQuery code required to query (or update) relational database tables and views — just drag and drop your relational database sources to the datasource pane and visually map from source to target output document, specifying the processing you'd like to take place. Our relational to XML database mapping tools implements the mapping code using none other than industry-standard XQuery code.

Visual Database to XML Mapping

Viewing a Database to XML Mapping

You can execute your newly created database to XML mappings to verify that it produces the desired XML data source from your relational data. To run the database to XML application, simply click the Execute Query button and the XML results are displayed in a Preview window. Once you are satisfied with the results, save the resulting XQuery file.

Preview windows displays live relational data as XML

Stylus Studio® provides a powerful, standards-based solution for accessing relational data and rendering it as XML. Visual XQuery editing, testing, and built-in support for DataDirect XQuery™ makes it easy to visually map, query and update relational databases as XML and save them as XML data sources that can be used anywhere you use XML — to build XQuery, XSLT, even Web services — Download a free trial now!


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