Customer Story - MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions Goes Agile with Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio

Company Background

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions ( is a worldwide leading supplier of fastener components, engineered components, and suspension components to a myriad of industries since 1925. MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is a child company of MacLean-Fogg Company (

As part of the company’s innovation efforts, MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions is transitioning all of their divisions to a single ERP system. Across the dozen divisions there are currently eight different legacy ERP systems, which often means there are eight different versions of any given business process.

Chris Misztur and Keen Chan are two of MacLean-Fogg’s developers and resident XML experts. Their skills span multiple programming languages, database and web technologies. Chris and Keen have been tasked with architecting the “Extract, Transform, Load” process along side of functional and systems experts. Several programming languages and ETL/XML tool-sets have been reviewed before making a decision to use Stylus Studio as the primary transformation tool.

Tool-set Selection

A customer service call was placed into each company as we reviewed their product offerings. Out of the 5% that responded to our call, only one was able to answer all of our questions at both functional and technical levels. This was the Stylus Studio team!

We arrived at our decision to use Stylus Studio based on the following factors:

  • Ease of use
  • Microsoft SQL Server adapter
  • Technical support / customer service
  • Flexibility
  • Multiple XQuery processors
  • Code generation and pipeline workflow
  • Source control integration
  • Cost

Agility and Transparency

Soon after the legacy Excel, Access, Flat File data started pouring in it became clear that there will many iterations of the ETL cycle. With an organized project structure within Stylus Studio we were able to contain each master data type to its own ETL cycle. This structure allows us to load legacy data incrementally while maintaining focus on a single master data type at a time.

With each iteration of the ETL cycle, the legacy data becomes cleaner and more complete. The ETL scenarios are tracked with several manually maintained XML documents and data queries against the new ERP. An HTML report is generated from over ten sources after each ETL cycle completion using Xquery and XML Reports. This status report includes processing exceptions, impediments and links to reference documents. It is published to the entire implementation team for transparency.

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