Customer Case Study - Genpro, Inc.

Customer Story In their words: Genpro, Inc. creates data warehouse using Stylus Studio™ and XML Pipeline Server™ and IVI Technologies Services


  • Synchronizing, mapping, and transforming XML data from a large cloud based data warehouse to a premise based SQL-Server database - hourly
  • Stats: File imports from 80 Mb to 8 GB, the XML structure is deeply nested, down to 20 levels from the root
  • 2.5 GB XML takes 8 minutes (1 GB / 3.2 Minutes) the result import creates 1,000,000 records in SQL Server

Genpro Genpro, Inc. ( is a leading provider of transportation intermediary service for a broad spectrum of the market with a specialization in the transportation of perishable goods. Genpro has always been an industry leader in the use of technology to provide outstanding service for their customers while also giving the best tools to their employees to execute at a high level.

Since its inception, Genpro uses the traditional model of purchasing a TMS to run on its own servers. The average transportation transaction lasts two to five days, so timely data is important, especially with regards to perishable freight. Data was accessed as needed either live directly to the TMS’s database or to a data warehouse that was updated three times daily.

In late 2013, Genpro started implementation of a new transportation management system (“TMS”) based on a Software As A Solution (“SAAS”) model (Sales Force is a well-known example of this model). The SAAS TMS did not allow for direct access of live data except through use of the SAAS TMS’s own reporting, which was adequate for some needs, but lacked the full functionality and detail Genpro required. The SAAS TMS provider’s best practice was to use XML extracts to move data from the SAAS TMS servers to Genpro’s SQL data warehouse. Genpro did not have in-house expertise in XML.

Genpro’s Director Of Finance, Richard Frant, and their Director Of Information Services, Ari Weinstock, started to search for expertise with XML. Richard says “I am grateful for the Google ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ feature, because it took me to the Stylus Studio website”. Ari and Richard were looking for a way to view the huge amount of detail contained in the SAAS TMS’s XML (over 750 fields) and downloaded a trial version of Stylus Studio. After trying it and seeing the potential, they contacted Stylus Studio and spoke with Ivan Pedruzzi about getting a full demo. Ivan explained the full scope of the software and services Stylus Studio could provide. Richard and Ari asked for a quote to have the XML converted to a SQL data warehouse and Ivan promised one by Monday.

On Monday, Ivan provided the promised quote, and also showed Richard and Ari Genpro’s data in a SQL data warehouse – over the weekend the basic work was already done. Needless to say, Richard and Ari were blown away and approved the proposal. Ivan and the Stylus Studio team finished the setup of the data warehouse prior to the promised end date of the proposal, and under budget.

Since then Ivan and his team have made several major enhancements to the process, each time taking an exponential step in making it faster and more efficient. Genpro could not have chosen a better provider for both the software and services needed to do this critical project.

Genpro currently uses four cores of XML Pipeline Server version 1.1.19 for SQL Server. XML extracts are sent three times daily from the SAAS TMS’s servers and data is imported into Genpro’s SQL data warehouse in a matter of minutes.

Ivan and the Stylus Studio team have been important, and critical, partners in the success of Genpro’s SAAS TMS implementation.

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