Stylus Studio® Enables Multi-Channel Publishing For University of Pittsburgh Professor

Prof. Birnbaum is Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh. His use of XML starts with marking up various document texts that he is working with, for example, verse, tales, or medieval manuscript transcriptions. He uses Stylus Studio® to produce 'marked-up' copies of the source texts, as well as in designing XSLT stylesheets that produce enhanced versions of these documents in various different outputs including Web and PDF output formats. Dr. Birnbaum has also found that the 'marked-up' texts are suitable for electronic comparison and graphic visualization, thus aiding his analytical work. His Slavic tale site is a typical example of using XSLT to process marked-up texts to generate enhanced HTML output with additional cross-referencing information. The Slavic verse site demonstrates his literary and technical analysis of the marked-up document texts as well as the stylesheets which produce the final output. Dr. Birnbaum's approach is a truly innovative way for presenting research findings, powered by Stylus Studio®.

"I tried several XML editors to accomplish my work, and settled on using Stylus recently when I heard about the new XML Differencing feature -- it's the best tool for highlighting differences between closely related stylesheets and documents", said Dr. Birnbaum. "I'm also a big fan of Stylus Studio®'s integrated XPath search tools. Overall I am impressed with Stylus Studio®'s support for working with XML, XSLT, SVG and other key W3C standards."

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