Stylus Studio is a Real Cost-Saver in Novell Implementations

TriVir, LLC is a Virginia-based consulting group dedicated to successfully implementing Novell solutions such as DirXML, eDirectory, and the exteNd suite for their customers — predominantly government accounts with complex infrastructure and security requirements. A successful engagement for a TriVir account is a well-configured Novell solution for the end customer.

TriVir noticed a common thread across all of their customers — the need for a highly productive XML development environment to complement Novell's products. For example, Novell's enteNd Director uses XSLT extensively in the design and implementation of Web portals. Stylus Studio®'s XSLT Editor and debugger have been real time-savers and have eliminated the need for expensive hand-coding and testing of complex XSL stylesheets. Says Glen Knutti, one of TriVir's founders, "Being able to use Stylus Studio's backmapping feature to click on an HTML page and see where a particular object is rendered in the stylesheet has saved us hours!"

Similarly, in working with Novell's DirXML and eDirectory products, TriVir has been able to leverage Stylus Studio®'s XML Editor to deliver secure identity management (SIM) solutions that are easier to deploy and maintain. Stylus Studio® has enabled TriVir to leave the customer not only with an optimized product implementation, but also with the tools to manage future changes.

"TriVir is a good example of how Stylus Studio® responds to the demands of hard-core XML developers," said Stylus Studio®'s senior architect, Carlo Innocenti. Stylus Studio® is comprised of a suite of integrated XML tools that allow the developer to work efficiently with XML, DTD, XPath, XML Schema, XML Publishing XSLT, XHTML, and XQuery. Stylus Studio® is used by over a million developers worldwide.

Additional Information

A printable PDF version of TriVir's story, including background information about how Stylus Studio® helped them solve their business problem, is available here.(PDF, 1 MB)


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