Apache XML

Apache XML

Stylus Studio® is proud lend its support to the Apache open-source initiative. We support deploying against various Apache utilities, and we have Apache committer rights in some areas so that we can contribute back to the Apache community. The major subprojects of Apache that Stylus Studio® works cooperatively with are: Xerces, Crimson, Xalan, Axis, FOP and Batik.


The Xerces project has produced two XML parsers, one in Java and one in C++. Both are used within Stylus Studio®. The primary validator used in the XML Editor is Xerces-C++, and the parser itself is used throughout the editing environment.

When code is generated for the Java environment — whether for data binding with JAXB or for XML pipelines — the Xerces XML parser is the typical (and bundled) Java XML parser.


The Crimson parser was the original XML parser donated to the Apache project. Although it is compatible with Stylus Studio®, in almost all cases its use has been replaced by Xerces in customer environments.


The Xalan XSLT engine has been one of the more popular fruits of the Apache project. The first external processor that Stylus Studio® was implemented to use was Xalan-J, and we continue to support it in many ways, including debugging, profiling, and code generation. The Sense:X code-completion in the editor even understands Xalan-specific XSLT extensions.


The Apache Web Services Project has produced Axis which implements the W3C SOAP standard. A sibling division of our parent company, Progress Sonic, has been a regular supporter and contributor to this project.

Within Stylus Studio® it is used as one of the underlying implementations for the Web Services Call Composer module to use.


XSL:FO is an XML format used for driving publishing tools. The final step is called rendering and involves the actual layout of the characters on the page templates. Typically XSL:FO renderers generate the PDF format, although others are sometimes used. The Apache FOP project is just such an engine.


One of the components of Apache FOP is Batik. Batik takes SVG images and renders them into other formats, such as JPEG, PNG or Tiff, suitable for inclusion into publishing output. When FOP is used as a rendering with SVG images in the input stream, Batik is automatically called.

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