Previous versions of Stylus Studio included an ADO to XML data conversion wizard — among its many XML Document Wizards — to simplify extracting of relational data into any XML format. The ADO to XML tool has been deprecated as of Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2 (May 2007) and has now been replaced with integrated support for DataDirect XQuery™ and DataDirect XML Converters™, which provides a far more powerful and extensible means of connecting to any relational database including Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server and extracting data, directly from Microsoft .NET or from Java applications.

Using DataDirect XQuery™ Instead of ADO to XML

DataDirect XQuery™ is a high-performance, scalable, embeddable XQuery implementation that plugs easily into any Java architecture and accesses almost any data source (including Microsoft SQL Server) without being dependent on underlying servers or proprietary extensions to XQuery. If you need to access SQL server tables as XML, the advantages of using XQuery over ADO include:

  • Easily query Microsoft SQL Server tables directly using W3C Standard XQuery
  • A powerful API processing and handling of the resulting XML documents
  • Significantly enhanced application scalability and faster performance
  • Greater extensiblity; you can join relational with both XML and non-XML data
  • Support for XQuery Updates; You can get XML back into your relational database

If you're using ADO-to-XML tools to manipulate relational data as XML, then you should seriously consider using Stylus Studio® instead— it includes built-in support for DataDirect XQuery™ and DataDirect XML Converters™, along with many other handy data integration tools for working with XML and database technologies — download a free trial today!


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