# Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Stylus Studio Customer Story

Customer Story - Technology Consultant Loves, Recommends Stylus Studio

In this month's Scoop, we're happy to share an actual email sent from a consultant/developer to a client. In this email, the consultant outlines specific reasons why Stylus Studio is a "gem" and the ideal toolset for the client's needs. "Converting from EDI to XML is a snap." Click the button below to read the full customer story.

If you have a story about your experience with Stylus Studio or a suggestion for future articles, please let us know. We love sharing information relative and interesting to the Stylus Studio community.

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Stylus Studio X16 Is Now Available!

Stylus Studio X16 brings the muscle. Built for the latest multicore technology and featuring 64-bit support, X16 handles massive files and delivers powerful processing.

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Discounted Upgrade to X16

Still running an older version of Stylus Studio? You can upgrade to the powerful, new Stylus Studio X16 at special discounted pricing. Just contact us with your existing license information to find out what options are available.

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# Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Check out the latest video from the Stylus Studio Team:

Tutorial: Tab Separated Data to XML with Grouping

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# Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Stylus Studio X16 is Here

Stylus Studio X16 Is Now Available!

It's one of our biggest releases ever! X16 includes support for the latest multicore hardware, 64-bit support, a new SQL Editor, a new, powerful Generic Converter, support for the latest Saxon release and more.

64-bit Power

Stylus Studio X16 brings the muscle. Built for the latest multicore technology and featuring 64-bit support, X16 handles massive files and delivers powerful processing.

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New SQL Editor

X16's new SQL Editor features SQL syntax recognition and coloring, a scalable grid and database schema tree, and bult-in connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, oracle, MySQL, and DB2.

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Get the latest and greatest Stylus Studio right now at the same fantastic prices. Stylus Studio Enterprise Suite and Professional Suite come packed with developer tools and features to give you the ultimate value.

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