# Monday, March 18, 2013

50% Off - Special Upgrade Pricing

Do you have a 2010 or Older Stylus Studio license?

This is your last chance to get Stylus Studio X15 at a special upgrade price of 50% Off. Just trade in your old license (2010 or Older) & get the latest & greatest at half price! This is your last chance. After this offer, 2010 or older licenses will not be eligible for any upgrade pricing.

We also recommend purchasing Annual Upgrade Protection at the same time you upgrade so you can get 50% off the AUP price. AUP allows you to continually get the latest version of Stylus Studio at no additional cost for the next 12 months and AUP can be renewed each year. Read more about AUP here.

Take advantage of this offer by sending an email to niki.peckham@ivitechnologies.com with your old license key.

50% off Upgrade Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer only valid with Professional & Enterprise licenses.

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# Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stylus Studio recently received Top Publisher and Product Awards from ComponentSource. Thanks to all of the Stylus Studio users out there who continue to help make Stylus Studio great!

February 27, 2013

Best XML Publisher

Progress Software (DataDirect Technologies/Stylus Studio) - Top 50 Bestselling Publisher Award 2012-2013

February 27, 2013

Best XML Product

Progress Software (DataDirect Technologies/Stylus Studio) - Top 100 Bestselling Product Award 2012-2013

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# Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello from the Stylus Studio Team!

We hope everyone is having a great 2013 so far. With the start of a new year, the Stylus Studio team is looking at new and amazing ways to enhance Stylus Studio and offer the best XML Editor and Development Environment possible.

This month we have a tutorial entitled "Using XQuery To Generate JSON from Relational Data". We hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any ideas on tutorials or articles you want to see in upcoming Stylus Scoops, please let us know.

If you like the Sylus Scoop help us get the word out! Click the "+1" button on the top of our website (next to the logo) to +1 us with your Google+ account.

Using XQuery To Generate JSON from Relational Data

This article describes how to build a simple multi-tier solution to expose relational data to a modern HTML application using JSON.

Stylus Studio Using XQuery

We want to expose the database through a simple REST web service interface which allows a variety of client technologies to query the data without being tightly coupled to the underlying database product.

Read the Full Article >
Maintenance Release 1910g Now Available

Get the details on the latest maintenance release of Stylus Studio.

Release Details >
X15 Is Now Available

The latest and greatest release of Stylus Studio is now available. Stylus Studio X15 Enterprise Suite's awesome new features include:

  • New HTML WYSIWYG Editor Tab
  • Real-Time HTML Editing, Results and Preview
  • Overhaul and Enhancements to Sense X - Intelligent XML Editing
  • One Click Intelligent AutoLink for XSLT and XQuery Mapping Tools

See the New Features Now >
NEW VIDEO - Quick Tour Video

Check out our latest video to get a quick overview of the Stylus Studio suite.

Watch the Video Now >
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