# Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Stylus Studio Customer Story

Customer Story - Technology Consultant Loves, Recommends Stylus Studio

In this month's Scoop, we're happy to share an actual email sent from a consultant/developer to a client. In this email, the consultant outlines specific reasons why Stylus Studio is a "gem" and the ideal toolset for the client's needs. "Converting from EDI to XML is a snap." Click the button below to read the full customer story.

If you have a story about your experience with Stylus Studio or a suggestion for future articles, please let us know. We love sharing information relative and interesting to the Stylus Studio community.

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Stylus Studio X16 Is Now Available!

Stylus Studio X16 brings the muscle. Built for the latest multicore technology and featuring 64-bit support, X16 handles massive files and delivers powerful processing.

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