# Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Before build 1928b Stylus Studio could not run XSLT transformations using external processors, which output very large files.  The wiring was not designed to scale and the scenario output URL was not taken in consideration.

Our long time customer Yitzhak Khabinsky was working on a project which required transforming a 500 MB XML file into 650 XML output.  Their deployment is Microsoft.NET therefore XslCompiledTranform is the XSLT processor used in production. They tried to test the transformation in Stylus Studio without success.

Yitzhak's team sent us a test case and asked if we could make it work. After few days of hard work we came up with a solution which provides great benefits to any customer running command line processors.

1)  We have wired the transformation output file (either the output URL or the temporary file) into the Preview window, doing so Stylus Studio now can load a large amount of data in the Text Preview with minimal memory consummation, thanks to our custom memory manager.

2)  We introduced a dialog which shows the progress and allows canceling the operation.


In the following screenshot Stylus Studio is loading 1.3 GB XML output file in the Preview Window, notice in the task manager that the memory allocation picks no more than 90 Mb.