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k kSubject: Line break within a tag in XML code - Not parsing - How to fix ?
Author: k k
Date: 14 Dec 2007 12:44 PM
I generated XML files using BCP Queryout. Most of the XML files are well-formatted but few are not parsing because of line break in side the tag. I don't know how to fix this problem. Do I have change output options at XML generation or I have to make any changes in XSLT file ?

Any help will be appreciated.
I have posted the XML file below. In this case the tag is </


<USTRADE xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"><a><C>9030400000</C><c><D>OTHER INSTRUMENTS AND APPARATUS, SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS (FOR EXAMLE, CROSS-TALK METERS, GAIN MEASURING INSTRUMENTS ETC) </D><U>X </U><q>0</q><V>1533335</V><SQ xsi:nil="true"/><SV>0.123100</SV><AV xsi:nil="true"/><PR xsi:nil="true"/></c></a><a><C>1006204080</C><c><D>RICE, MIXTURES OF ANY SIZE GRAIN, HUSKED (BROWN) </D><U>KG </U><q>1197400</q><V>324472</V><SQ>7.395400</SQ><SV>6.837900</SV><AV>0.270980</AV><PR>0.924614</PR></c></a><a><C>8507200040</C><c><D>LEAD ACID STORAGE BATTERIES, 12 VOLTS, NESOI </D><U>NO </U><q>8</q><V>80704</V><SQ>0.000500</SQ><SV>0.079000</SV><AV>10088.000000</AV><PR>145.199309</PR></c></a><a><C>8529102050</C><c><D>TELEVISION ANTENNAS &amp; PARTS SUITABLE FOR USE THEREWITH, NESOI </D><U>NO </U><q>46</q><V>49392</V><SQ>0.002500</SQ><SV>0.083800</SV><AV>1073.739130</AV><PR>32.621771</PR></c></a><a><C>6405100060</C><c><D>OTHER FOOTWEAR WITH UPPERS OF LEATHER OR COMPOSITION LEATHER WOMEN </D><U>PRS</U><q>7000</q><V>18600</V><SQ>5.384800</SQ><SV>2.167000</SV><AV>2.657142</AV><PR>0.402444</PR></c></a><a><C>9880004000</C><c><D>LOW VALUE ESTIMATE, EXCLUDING CANADA </D><U>X </U><q>0</q><V>16252</V><SQ xsi:nil="true"/><SV>0.000000</SV><AV xsi:nil="true"/><PR xsi:nil="true"/></c></a><a><C>8207306030</C><c><D>STAMPING DIES AND PARTS, NOT SUITABLE FOR CUTTING METAL </D><U>NO </U><q>53</q><V>10687</
V><SQ>0.032000</SQ><SV>0.008400</SV><AV>201.641509</AV><PR>0.264794</PR></c></a><a><C>9030908040</C><c><D>PARTS AND ACCESSORIES OF ARTICLES OF SCHEDULE B SUBHEADING 9030.40 </D><U>X </U><q>0</q><V>4886</V><SQ xsi:nil="true"/><SV>0.003700</SV><AV xsi:nil="true"/><PR xsi:nil="true"/></c></a><a><C>9031900000</C><c><D>PARTS &amp; ACCESSORIES OF MACHINES, NESOI IN THIS CHAPTER AND FOR PROFILE PROJECTORS </D><U>X </U><q>0</q><V>2717</V><SQ xsi:nil="true"/><SV>0.000200</SV><AV xsi:nil="true"/><PR xsi:nil="true"/></c></a></USTRADE>

(Deleted User) Subject: Line break within a tag in XML code - Not parsing - How to fix ?
Author: (Deleted User)
Date: 17 Dec 2007 03:41 AM
you will have to fix the XML generation tool, as the output is not well-formed XML (see http://www.w3.org/TR/xml/#sec-starttags for the original specs)

[42] ETag ::= '</' Name S? '>'

Spaces (i.e. space, tab, newlines) are allowed inside end tags only between the tag name and the closing angle bracket, and not before.


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